Amber Run // For A Moment, I Was Lost (Review)

Amber Run have had an interesting couple of years.  In 2015 they released their debut album 5AM, which was received well.

Then they got dropped from their label, then their drummer left

Probably not what they expected… A lesser band may have just called it a day there…

But Ember Run re-grouped, reviewed and started again.  And now they are back with a brand new album…

For A Moment, I Was Lost may be an apt title, considering all they went through.  But when the music starts they sound anything but lost.  The opening two tracks, Insomniac and No Answers, set the tone for the record, with the later possibly being the best song the band have recorded to date.  They are frantic and shows that the band mean business, like they have something to prove.  The drive of the synths, drums & bass give the songs a bite a grit and perfectly capture the Amber Run sound.

The album then settles into a groove and the following songs Island, Stranger & Fickle Game show a band who are happy doing their own thing, without having to prove anything or please anyone,

Haze  is the first single from the album and many would see it as an odd choice, with just two minutes of layered vocals from frontman, Joe Keogh building to nowhere, but this just shows that they are doing their thing and they don’t care what we all think.

All in all this is a confident album, the sound of a band free from pressure and enjoying what they do.  It will be exciting to see what they do next, but for now we can enjoy For A Moment, I Was Lost, which you can buy here, and do go and make sure you check them out live if you have the chance.


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