Super Bowl Half Time w/ Lady Gaga

I am not an American Football fan, I watched the Super Bowl a few times while I was at uni and tried to get into it but it never stuck.

The biggest thing for me has always been the best bit.

This year it was the turn of Lady Gaga to perform on this grand stage.  And she rocked it…

Gaga is an artist who often splits opinion, some people love her and some people hate her.  But after the performance last night you cannot deny that she is talented and sure knows how to put on a show.

Starting up on the roof of the stadium before jumping down into the centre of the field, she performed for just 13 minutes but managed to showcase just how many hit songs she has at the same time as putting on an amazing visual spectacle.

Songs like Poker Face, Bad Romance, Telephone and latest single Million Reasons, show off the many styles of the singers voice and even when she was performing dance routines or flying through the air, she didn’t miss a note.

For the record I am a huge Lady Gaga fan, but if you are unconvinced, check out the performance:

Lady Gaga performs at the Super Bowl Credit: Getty


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