signal wave

[′sig·nəl ‚wāv]


A wave whose characteristics permit some intelligence, message, or effect to be conveyed. Also known as signal.

Here at signalwave// we are fans of all sorts of things…  But our real passion lies in music, in sound, in noise.

All kinds of people have all kinds of feelings towards music.

People love or hate music.  It moves them or repulses them.  It divides them or brings them together.

But when all is said and done it makes them feel something.

On this blog you will find articles about all sorts of things; travel, food, drink, life but it will all have a sound track that supports it.  We want to take you on a journey through the sounds and noises that move us & hopefully will move you to.

Whether it is rediscovering a classic album, finding your new favourite band or trying something new, we want to convey the message of music to you…

For your information the sound track for this blog post has been my album of 2016; Chaleur Humaine by Christine & the Queens.


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